20 Preserved Infinity Roses – Red


AllAboutFlowers achieve this through arranging the finest South American Year Lasting Real Roses in a selection of boxes and containers
Infinity Roses- here’s the technical process the finest South American roses undergo in order to last a year or longer….
1.The finest South American roses are picked at the height of their bloom.
2.The rose head gets disconnected from the stem.
3.The head gets placed into a solution of glycogen(& dye if required for colouring) and left for a long period of time.
4.The glycogen solution infuses into the rose head replacing the water yet keeping the soft delicate feel of the rose.
5.The roses are dried and ready for your enjoyment!
They will last a year but with proper care and attention your roses can last for years to come. Just keep away from direct sunlight,water and extremes of temperature. Please DO NOT HANDLE or move your roses as with all things fragile it will get damaged. Small changes are normal,minor imperfections in the petals allow them to look like fresh roses.